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Forgive me where this may not be the correct thread, but i just need a bit of basic info.

From what i understand-it is no longer legal to discriminate/charge extra for use of a credit card over a debit card .

that given-can a retailer STIll legally impose a minimum tranaction spend when a DEBIT (not credit ) card is used .

I ask, simply because i was somewhat surprised in this day and age of contactless, to find a retailer say i had to pay cash as opposed to use mycontactlessDEBit card to buy a couple of newspapers at £4.20.

no big deal-but i am curious if the shopkeeper (having accepted the transaction (as opposed to refuse the transaction itself ) then said i could not pay by debit card for anything under £5.

they did to be fair bring a notice to my attention in the shop stating exactly that -albeit i had not seen it at the time.

does this ‘notice’ legally entitle them to discriminate between cash and card ?

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