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Hi there I’m brand new here but really need some advice re Dept management companies.
I’ve been using one for about 8 yr’s now as my husband and I have 6 credit cards with debt totalling approx 30.000 mainly due to the ressesion when we borrowed trying to save our business ( which we didn’t)
Whilst I originally thought Debt management would take the heat of us and nagging card companies I’m now wondering if it would be better for me to write all the card collection depts quoting a figure that I can afford to pay each month. I then wouldn’t have to pay the DMA their fees ! What I really want to know is are the card collection departments going to co,e down hard on us ? Can they send bailiffs in ? Or make us sell our car etc ? Is this a better route to go down ? Needless to say we are pensioners and can’t afford to pay the debts in full. Thank you so much for any advice Cherry


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