Declined Car Insurance…


Now I know its such a common topic but I really cant get my head round the solution and I cannot seem to find much information across the web about it.

My situation is such a sticky one and I really dont know what to do about it 🙁

Long story short…

I have been driving for 2 years now and have been insured by 2 different insurance companies with no problems whatsoever (Except for a write off I had in my 2nd month of driving). Anyway back to the point… a few months back in June I went to re new my insurance and went searching for cheapest premium. I found a company named ‘AChoice’ which offered me the cheapest annual price. Obviously I went ahead with the quote but did it through their online application because nobody ever picks up the god damn phone within their company. I received my confirmation forms and everything and assumed all was normal and that I was insured (Me being a typical 19 year old – I didnt bother checking all the information that I had given).

4 weeks down the line I receive a letter in the post that stated that ‘AChoice’ had cancelled my policy. I was in complete shock and could not understand why.. I obviously called them up immediately and waited 40 mins to talk to somebody. They then stated that I had lied about 2 things on my policy. One was the fact that I didn’t state a claim from a named driver (my mum had somebody drive into her parked car) and the other was an incident that I reported in my first year of driving which was not a claim and was taken privately. – Baring in mind I was insured last year and did not have to state this incident.

I am now at the stage of not being able to afford insurance as it is 5-6k LOOOOL. It was genuinely a mistake and I was not looking to be deceitful or cheeky. Does anybody know what I can do about this or a way round to be able to drive within the next 5 years?

Any advice would be much apprenticed 🙁 🙁 🙁


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