Declined credit card – excellent credit score?


I was wondering if I could get some advice from this forum. I was looking to apply for a new credit card, I currently own 2 at the moment, one which has been fully paid off and haven’t used in about a year and the other with an outstanding balance of £1,500, however this is a 27 month 0% purchases card with another 16 months left. I’ve never missed a payment and currently have excellent credit score according to and

I used 3 different eligibility checkers online to get an idea of what credit cards were on offer all to which suggested a Halifax card with 0% interest on purchases for 30 months. I decided to go ahead and complete the online application only to then find out my application was rejected.

I’m currently 23 years old, been in current full time employment for 2 years with an annual income on £32,000. Still living at home with parents and no one financially dependant on myself.

The only ‘debts’ I have to my name is £1,500 on CC with another 16 months to clear it before interest and I own a car on finance which costs me £225 a month. Other than that, I’m managing to save between £800 – £1000 a month. If it helps I’m also on the electoral role.

I’m about to fill out an appeal letter to which I will send off to halifax however I was wondering if anyone had a rough idea as to why I would of been rejected?

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