Declined insurance on the property we are buying



We find ourselves a bit stuck. We are due to complete on our next property purchase in a few weeks but the mortgage requires building insurance prior to releasing funds. The property we are buying g needs a lot of work. Nothing structural however we are planning on knocking through the dining and lounge rooms. My husband included this info on the insurance quote form and now we have been told that since we are planning structural work they won’t cover us and advise us this is normal practice.

They have issued a insurance declined letter so now if we apply to another company and omit the above info they will be query why we were declined etc, so ultimately have to disclose our plans to any company.

We really did not anticipate this would be a problem and so are now clueless as to what to do next.

Worth mentioning we had a full.survey done on the property and everything as fine. Just mentioned need to update electrics, boiler etc.

Can anyone advise us on what to do now?


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