Direct Line – No Claims Discount Protection Scam.


Hi Guys,

I’m just angy with a renewal situation I’m haveing with Direct Line and I just wanted to share my experience!

I’ve just received my Fiat Punto Renewal Notice from Direct Line for £612… It gone up quite a bit from last year.

I gave them a call yesterday to ask why there’s been such a massive jump in premium? They said, in addition to Insurance Tax and inflation my premium has gone up mainly because I had a claim early this year (Malicious Damage Claim – £450).

I response I said that at last renewal I paid £40 to protect my No Claims Discounts to which they replied “Well Madam, if you look where it said when you opted for the cover “You can protect your hard earned No Claim Discount, you will also see the statement “However your premium may still increase following a claim!”

Okay, I said, what would my premium be this year if I hadn’t protected my No Claim Discount last year? They said, it would still most likely be £612.

So what have I paid £40 extra for last year? Absolutely NOTHING! I have 4 years No Claims Discount IN NAME ONLY which I’ve since found out is not even recognised by other insurers and the claim I had means that all the quotes I’m getting elsewhere are being based on only 2 years NCD.

I find this most outrageous! How they can charge for something to which I am receiving no benefit – As far as I’m concerned this is just as bad as the Bank PPI scandal!
I’m most upset over this!

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