Displaying APR


Hi all, just a quick query with regard to card statements and what has to be displayed on the monthly statement file.

My wife has a store card ( I know, been trying to get it destroyed for a while). Anyway, I’m looking through all the statements and while it mentions the ‘interest & other charges’ in £££, it doesn’t actually state anywhere (that I can see) what the APR actually is.

Every Credit card I have, lays out the charges really clearly. So as I have several active balance transfers, it lists how much is on each transfer, and when they expire. Along with the APR for any other transactions that may have happened over the previous month.

I seem to recall some rule that said the APR had to be clearly displayed on all statements. But with this store card, it’s no where to be seen.

As it happens we’ve just cleared the card and we’re now going to close the account, but if the APR has to be displayed then they should be made to display it in my view.

Any help appreciated.



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