Disputing an incorrect default – who to contact?


I can see the concern surrounding the date, assuming you are counting down to mark expiration, but I cannot see how they have reported a default on the wrong date – especially the day, month and year.

Are you sure it wasn’t an oversight? Did you accumulate another default after the first one in 2013? As it was a while ago, perhaps it wasn’t noticed?

If the CRA investigated the dispute and the provider, who is in charge of that mark, has declined to remove it and confirmed its valid, there is little room to budge.

The CRA themselves do not have permission to remove it directly, as this would breach neutrality on their part, however if the provider agrees to investigate further and finds a fault, it will be rectified accordingly.

If someone else here has had the same experience, perhaps their advice would be more helpful, however this has never happened to me and seems like a rare occurrence, if their fault.

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