Do I need to declare husbands accident?


Our car is in my name but the insurance policy has always been in my husbands name, mainly as I only had a provisional license until June 2016 and after I passed my test they wanted £1,000 for me to be the main driver. He now has to go to court in April and will lose his license so we need to take him off the insurance and make me the only driver. I called our insurance company who said that he needs to call them and cancel the policy, then they will refund the unused part of the year with no fees, regardless of if I take a policy with them or not.

My query is do I have to declare an accident we had in the car when my husband was driving and the policy was under his name when I’m trying to get the new insurance for just me sorted? A van shed some of it’s load on the M11 last September, which we hit and it damaged the car. The insurance company are still trying to pursue the driver although he says his car was off the road, and no-one stopped so we have no witnesses. Damage to the car was minimal and they have currently ‘settled’ it as a fault claim and paid us out as a Cat C write off.

In theory I was only a named driver on his policy and it wasn’t me who had the accident, so do I need to declare it when getting quotes? I’m assuming the insurance company will still chase the police for their report in pursuit of the claim, which was on last years insurance cover not this years, but still with the same company regardless of whether we have current cover with them?

Hoping someone can help!


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