Do you think my home insurance will cover this claim?



Just got back from a family holiday to find that water has seeped through my bedroom ceiling leaving damp patches and a very wet bed and carpet below. Also my laptop which was resting on the corner of the bed has some slight water damage but is still useable though there is some pic distortion in one corner.

I’ve now discovered that my gutter on the roof has become blocked by a soft drinks can covering up the down pipe hole.

Reason being that both my neighbours have a dormer room with window/balcony access and I think one of them has chucked it into my gutter gully. We had really heavy rain (Devon) apparently whilst we were away and the gutter has simply overflowed into the roof and down through my bedroom ceiling.

The guy on the phone was very quick to explain that I would not be covered if the damage was as a result of non maintenance/ wear and tear but I am unsure if this would be classed under that scenario.

Also, he explained that even if they dont pay the claim it would still be registered as a claim – so my 2nd question is would this likely push up my premiums at renewal next year?

Ive never made a claim on my home insurance in over 15 years (not that that makes a difference to them Im sure but Im not swinging the lead).

Thank you


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