Does any UK Motor Insurer provide a Replacement Car following an accident in Europe.


We’ve just returned from a holiday in France following an Accident.
Our current Insurance Provider’s Premier Policy includes full Comprehensive Cover when driving in Europe.

However, it wasn’t until after the accident that we were told that a replacement car is only provided if the accident happens in the United Kingdom and Channel Islands. Consequently we were left abandoned in rural central France with no access to any transport either hired or public before we could ‘cadge’ a lift home.

If we’d had a Breakdown we would have been given a hire car from the RAC part of the policy, but as it was an Accident there was no such cover.

At no point during the policy buying process, some 12 years ago or subsequently, were we told either verbally or in writing that this limitation existed (it’s hidden in the handbook!!). Also, during the several conversations with the Insurance Broker or Underwriter since the accident did anyone offer to repatriate ourselves or the UK. We certainly weren’t aware that it was an option until a friend using the same Insurers had an ‘online chat’ with the company where there adviser said, No you won’t get a replacement car but we will repatriate yourselves and your car!!

A straw poll amongst other friends also got confused replies, for example two separate friends using a different insurer advised that a) they’d called the company and been told they wouldn’t get a replacement car and that b) they’d only bought insurance from that same company because they’d been assured they would get the replacement while in Europe.

So clarity would be good on this one please. And which Insurance Providers DO include a replacement car in Europe, even if only available as an optional extra?

Many thanks


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