Does anyone else find M&S Bank’s fraud department to be a bit overzealous?


When I first got the card, it was nigh on impossible to actually use the thing as half my transactions got flagged up.

I’ve now had the card for around 8 months and I still get transactions declined. The other day, I tried to place an online order for just under £500. Declined, with no reason why. As I’ve had issues before, I figured it was the fraud thing again. In the past, other banks have given me an automatic call within seconds for me to confirm my transaction. M&S didn’t call me until well over an hour later, by which time I was already at work and had placed the order using a different credit card. £500 isn’t even an unusual amount for me to order as I order things in several sizes and send most of it back!

Just wondering if anyone else finds them a little overzealous on declining transactions.

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