driving while unfit through alcohol, drugs insurance claim voided

HI my name is Konrad , a while ago my wife had an accident on the road after the accident she failed the breath test by 0.15 after a couple of hours she had a blood test done and that one was 0.50 which is within the legal limit. Police did not take the case to court for drink driving but the investigation is in progress for careless driving. My insurance company said they will not pay me out because she had alcohol in her blood and that was the cause of the accident. In general exceptions, there is a point
.. if driving while unfit through alcohol, drugs or other substances whether prescribed or not
In my opinion, if British law states that she was not over the legal limit surely she was fit to drive the car otherwise what would be a point to have the legal limit
I have already sent the letter with complaint to the insurance company and today on the phone they said I might be even entitled to pay for the third part expenses

please help if you know a good solisitor which could help me with my case

Please help kind regards Konrad

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