E-sports broadcaster Gfinity strikes a deal with Facebook


The Post Office’s Unlimited Broadband deal costs £19 per month with a £50 Amazon giftcard to sign up. The contract lasts 24 months with a guarantee prices wont go up during that time, after that the price jumps to £28. No setup fee

Post Office

NowTV’s Brilliant Broadband and Fab Fibre deal comes with Sky Entertainment channels – including Sky Atlantic – plus 300+ box sets. You get connection speeds of up to 38Mbps and it costs £29.98 per month with a £59 setup fee on a 12-month contract.


Talk Talk offers a Fast Broadband package with 17 Mbps speeds with a TV Plus box which allows you to record, pause and rewind live tv plus 6 Sky Entertainment channels. It costs £24 a month with a £50 upfront cost.

Talk Talk

Virgin Media’sFull House bundle comes with up to 100 Mbps speeds and 230+ channels. It costs £55 per month on an 12 month contract. £20 setup fee applies. At the end of the contract the price jumps to £70 per month


BT currently offers a deal with BT Sports and a 52Mbps connection plus a £125 prepaid Mastercard reward to sign up. It costs £33.49 per month on an 18 month contract. £59.99 set up fee applies.



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