Empty House Leaking Into Mine – Estate Agent Wont Help


I own a bungalow in a terrace. The house next door is empty and has been up for sale a year. The roof is leaking and water is leaking on my living room and bathroom ceiling meaning I am unable to decorate and the wooden beams in my walls are at risk of rot and woodworm. I have been in the house next door and the ceiling is wet there also.
I have asked the estate agent 3 times to contact the seller and tell them they need to fix it, but the seller will not contact me. I have been told by the estate agent the seller will not be doing any repairs to the house.
I could get the roof repaired but I don’t see why I should spend my own money on someone elses house plus I simply can’t afford it.
Where do I stand? Who can I contact? The owner is hiding behind the estate agent.


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