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Phoned esure the day before my insurance ended and asked them not to autorenew as I intended to look for other quotes. The agent suggested that I instead let it renew as I would have 14 days in which I could cancel without penalty. I queried the “without penalty” bit and was told that the cooling off period in the initial term had a cancelation fee, but the cooling off period on renewal did not.

This sounds almost too good to be true – it sounds as though I can get 14 days free cover from esure before switching to a cheaper insurer. Have I misunderstood what I was told? Do other insurers offer the same? If and when I phone to cancel will they insist on immediate cancelation or can I ask for the policy to end exactly 14 days from renewal (or more probably at the start of a new policy 12 hours earlier than the midday renewal time)?


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