ESure taking 9 months with claim!


My partner parked her car on our road. She parked it safe and legally and came in the house. The next day we were sat in the living room and watched someone drive in to her car while making the worst 23 point turn ever.

The driver tried to leave so I went out to stop them. I was polite and friendly. I exchanged insurance details and took photographs etc.

The driver asked me not to go through his insurance because he said it would make it expensive for him but repairs to my partners car were a couple of grand for body work and respray so we had no choice.

The driver asked me to reverse his car out for him because he said he was a poor driver. I refused to drive his car and talked him through it instead. He admitted he was at fault at the time.

All details were sent to ESure and that was it. Or so we thought. 9 months later the claim is still not settled.

My partner called them and it appears there’s been some sort of delay. The person on the phone said it should have been sorted by now and couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been progressed before six months and admitted it had been overlooked.

It also turns out the person who hit the parked car is now denying liability! Not sure how but they can say that but now it’s all dragging on.

My partner is no longer insured with ESure and has renewed with a different company – minus a few years no claims because this case is still open so it’s costing her money.

We’re never going to use ESure again after this mess and it’s really upsetting her.

Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Is this right how she’s being treated?


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