extremely long wait time Halifax



Bit of a rant this.

I am going on holiday in couple weeks and after reading the article on the MSE website on certain credit cards with 0% fees I decided to apply for the Halifax Clarity Card.

Last week when I first called, I was on hold for nearly 40 minutes until I eventually got through to someone.

After discussing what I wanted to do, which was to trade in my existing credit card which I haven’t used in a long time to the clarity card.

The customer service adviser then forwarded my call on to the application team, I waited nearly an extra 30 minutes on the phone at which point I gave up. The same day I tried again in the evening waiting for over an hour eventually giving up the second time.

The next day I tried again and waited 1 hour 20 minutes after giving up all together and lodging an online complaint.

Someone called me from Halifax a few days later to apologise and to take details of my complaint which was resolved by them giving me £50.

The next day I applied online for the card, my application was successful with emails coming through which I thought great.

But today I thought I would check up on the status of the application as I haven’t received anything from them in the post as it’s been 7 days.

So I rang them today and I’m experiencing the same issues like I did last week, long wait times. I’ve been on hold for over an hour and a half and I’ve given up. I don’t want to apply for any more cards for obvious reasons but don’t know what else I can do.

I thought let me apply for the Barclay platinum card, but as I am already a customer I can’t apply.


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