Faster payment to pay CC missing


My OH has been caught up in the fater payment problem that occurred last Sunday.
He paid his credit card bill to NW using a regular faster payment from his FD account as usual and it has still not arrived. The full balance was just shy of £800 and due yesterday, payment was as usual sent in full. Payment shows clearly as having left FD on Sunday 9th.

Phoned both banks Tuesday, Wednesday and again yesterday and got differing stories on each occasion. NW say they are not aware of an issue, but appear to be ‘happy’ that payment will turn up, they are not giving any indication that they disbelieve my husband. However, they won’t commit to say what happens regarding the late payment.

FD say this is a known issue and banks have agreed not to penalise customers, but won’t agree to commit to anything else. Yesterday he was told that his payment was in a large backlog and could not be traced and they suggested if he was worried about his credit card to just pay it again, which we can’t afford to do. They are however sending a letter confirming that payment was made in time to have reached the account, and have suggested that he phones back next week if payment still does not show. They have also submitted a formal complaint on his behalf.

The question is there anything else he should be doing? Both banks say their lines are recorded so we have names and times of all the very lengthy phone calls, as at this morning no payment is showing so card payment is now overdue. This is a long standing credit card, paid off in full regularly every month if that makes any difference.


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