Fibromyalgia life insurance incapacity claim


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year and have been under both NHS and private continual medical care since then. I am really struggling to maintain my 30hr week job and would like to know the likelihood of a successful life instance claim, under the incapacity criteria. My policy is with Legal and General and the policy started in 2013. I have paid all premiums on time and have never claimed on the policy before. My HR Director is fully aware of my situation and very supportive so I am confident that she would speak for me if it was necessary. I am happy to undergo any medical assessment deemed necessary by the insurers.

It is really difficult to find accurate information online as fibromyalgia has only been accepted as a chronic illness since earlier this year and everything I can find predates this. I don’t know if the information is out of date or if the situation has not changed……

Any advice much appreciated.


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