Final response not being honoured



This is quite complex and unusual but will keep it brief.

I have a phi in payment for 3 years bought through an adviser. The adviser didnt discuss escalation of benefit with me and i complained about the poor advice. The complaint was UPHELD by the business who advised me and they admitted in writing that thier advice was poor and promised in writing in thier final response of May 2017 to pay me every year for the loss of escalation and to backdate this to the start of the claim. I accepted in writing thier final response but pointed out to them the compounding nature of inflation and how thier liability would increase to me every year. They went away and issued a NEW final response saying they werent paying (obviously because they realised the cost of what they promised). Can they refuse to honour a final reponse which I have accepted? Surely a final reponse is exactly that? I am at the start of FOS process now but dont know how they will deal with it as its over 6 months since the first final response but surely as I accepted it the firm are obliged to implement it? Can anyone quote something from FCA rules or handbook or something? I am very ill (have lots of evidence of this) so hoping they can take into account my illness and disability if theres a problem with the timescales.

I appreciate all your help.


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