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Morning All,

I currently use sainsburys credit card, and have done for ~18 months. The bank has been fine to use up until recently, though very basic……No app / apple pay / basic website / slow updates.

the last few months though the site has been horrendous with issues logging in, I again can’t see any recent transactions and I am also unaware as to how much I actually owe at this stage due to the amount shown *seems* to be a lot higher than expected……this could potentially be fraud, a lag between payments that have been made and hitting the account, or potentially a missed transaction that I can’t remember. Problem is I can’t tell as I have zero visibility – the statements have recently changed as well which has caused them to be a pain to read as well.

Trying to contact sainsburys takes an age to get through on the phone and days through their messaging section on the site. I am thinking of speaking to the ombudsman regarding this, but will they actually get sainsburys to resolve these issues? I’m not sure what to expect and don’t really want to waste more time if its not going to help resolve the issue.

at this stage I will be looking to close down the account once I’ve cleared the balance, but until then i’d like to try and get the issues solved.




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