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Thought id just share my experience with First Direct credit cards.

Phoned them regards a balance transfer offer and during the telephone call the operator asked why i was only transferring a part balance,explained id only had a small limit (£1500 with balance of £400 ish).

Asked would i like to increase to cover full balance transfer and after 20 mins talking about income and expenditure and credit score,the operator apologized and said it was a decline.

Two historic CCJ”s (£250 and £360 paid off over 5 yrs back) and that was the only reason…oh well that annoyed me as they accepted me for bank account and credit card as did HSBC yet they refuse for CCJ”s which were ignored previously.

Anyway spoke to an Accounts manager and she said she would manually review the account…20 mins later and she said the limit increase would be going ahead as it made no sense to approve the card and account and then after credit card being paid each month to decline an increase for balance transfer.

So it most certainly pays to ask them to review there decision and apply some good old fashioned human logic to how accounts are managed.

If my appalling spelling offends you that much…dont read my posts.


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