Fleet van insurance query – please read


Ok so this is a bit of a long story so bear with me.
I worked (self employed) for a courier firm delivering parcels for Amazon up until last week. On Thursday morning i had just started my run after collecting the parcels from the depot and unfortunately I was targeted and my van was stolen. The van was not left running nor did I leave the keys in the van. At this point nobody is sure how they got the keys but we have have come to the conclusion they either fell out my pocket when I was in the side door getting parcels out or I was pick pocketed. I saw the guy drive my van off and he looked Romanian so the latter is more likely. I have two witnesses who were working at the house next to where the incident happened and have both confirmed the events to the police.

Anyhow the courier company sacked me on the spot and they are now refusing to pay me what I’m due (around £700) until their insurance company confirms they will pay out the claim (van still not been found)

Obviously this has !!!!ed me off some what, seen as I was not at fault here. So my question is how much will the insurance company have to deal with me, and if I refuse to deal with them until they have paid me what I’m due will this hinder their insurance claim? I don’t want to go down this route but the guys who run this company have shown their true colours and I feel this is the only route I can go down no



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