french life insurance policy and intrest due on payment owed


Help please! My grandmother died in france in 04/17 then my father died in 06/17 also in france. My grandmother had a life insurance policy with Allianz and it was confirmed in 07/17 that my brother and i would recive 25% each and my aunt 50%. We gave all the details the insurance company asked for and the payments kept getting delayed. I have recently found out that my aunt ws paid in 01/18 so i have contacted the companyto ask for my payment.They asked me to fill out yet ANOTHOR form so i can recive my funds, which i dutifully completedbut in my return email i have requested that any interst that would have occured from the date myaunt recived hers to the date i recive mine is also to be paid. ,

MY QUESTION IS: How do icalcute the intrest due to me from 1/18-8/18 frokm a french insurance policy.The sum in question is 5000e each for my brother and i.

many thanks!!!!!


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