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CBN’s Adjustment Of Naira May Lead To Higher Costs For Imported Goods – NECA –

The director-general of NigeriaEmployers Consultative Association (NECA), Dr Timothy Olawale, has pickedholes in the adjustment of theNaira by the Central Bank ofNigeria (CBN). The NECA boss, in a statement, based his argument on the current situation around the country, emphasising thatthe adjustment at a time likethis, will be counter-productiveas the nation depends hugely onimportation of […]

CBN’s Adjustment Of Naira May Lead To Higher Costs For Imported Goods – NECA

CBN’s Adjustment Of Naira May Lead To Higher Costs For Imported Goods – NECA Nigeria News, Nigeria Newspapers Read more: LEADERSHIP Newspaper » Suspension of NSITF management violated Presidential directive – NECA NECA opposes Ngige on suspension of NSITF executives|p style= Buhari celebrates honest Nigerian in Japan – The NationPresident Muhmmadu Buhari has charged Nigerians, […]

CBN Devalues Naira In A Move …. | Waka About Africa

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was said to have informed Commercial banks in the country that the minimum Forex bid rate will henceforth be …

Forex constraint devalues naira to N380 per dollar | News360 Info

The CBN has however retained N360 as its official exchange rate on its website as of Friday. Shortage of forex in the economy caused the naira to fall below the official rate of by 3.5 per cent to N380/$1 from N360/$1 according to the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Deputy Governor, Financial Systems Stability Directorate, […]

GTBank declares closed period as directors meet July 22nd to consider H1 result

On July 3rd, 2020, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) once again debited many banks in Nigeria in line with its Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) compliance requirement. This time around, about 14 banks were debited to the tune of N118 billion. These banks are: Access Bank Plc: N3 billion Guaranty Trust Bank Plc: N15 billion […]

Top 10 travel agencies in Nigeria  

Have you ever gone through the rigours of applying for a visa in Nigeria, only to get rejected in the end? Or maybe you had to make a trip and spent hours online trying to book reservations in a good hotel, then ended up getting there and discovering that your reservation didn’t go through.   Perhaps, you have been defrauded by poser travel agents, in your quest to travel abroad. […]

Naira sells at N380/$ at retail FX auction – New Telegraph

T raders said that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has asked lenders to bid for forex at an auction 5 per cent above its official rate of N360, in a move to weaken the naira as the regulator seeks to unify its multiple exchange rates.   The Central Bank said […]

Bank credits vulnerable to falling oil prices — MPC member – Punch Newspapers

Nike Popoola Falling prices in the oil and gas sector which gulp 26 per cent of the credit in the banking sector exposes the lending institution’s risk exposure to non-performing loans. A member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Adamu Lametek, said this in his personal statement which was released by the CBN following the last […]

Banks grumble as CBN imposes fresh CRR debits on 14 banks

Home | News | General | Banks grumble as CBN imposes fresh CRR debits on 14 banks Nigeria’s debt to revenue ratio worsens as public debt increases Graphic Photos: Man Loses His Arm In A Ghastly Motor Accident Along Ibadan Expressway 22 hours 56 minutes ago 13 Bankers have raised dust over the latest debits […]

The Whistler – CBN Technically Devalues Naira By 5.5%…

CBN Technically Devalues Naira By 5.5% ———– The Central Bank of Nigeria, has technically devalued the naira at the Secondary Market…

Examining the Power Play in NBET

Marilyn Amobi Emmanuel Addeh writes that despite being a little-known government agency in the power sector, there are many vested interests battling for the soul of the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading In recent times, not many agencies of government have been riddled with so much hubbub as the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) PLC , which […]

Breaking:CBN Devalue Naira By 5.3% At The Currency Auction. – Business

Dollar racketeering done by CBN is mind-boggling. I bet all my possessions that the Governor of CBN only saves his money in dollar bills and other foreign currencies, but they go about frustrating ordinary Nigerians who want to do the same. Nigerians in Diaspora send in money into the country to their relatives, CBN seizes […]

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CBN Devalues Naira By 5.3% At Currency Auction.

CBN Devalues Naira Three Months After First Devalu…

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reportedly devalued the naira again, three months after the last devaluation took Naira from N307 to N360 a dollar. The CBN devalued the naira at one of its currency auctions for importers on Friday. The devaluation of naira occured weeks after the CBN announced it will end the […]