General Portfolio – Variable Investment Programme (1989)


Good morning all,

Many years ago (near 30!) as a fresh faced out of school wet drip, I was convinced to sign up to a General Portfolio Variable Investment Programme, and I was strong-armed to sign up to contract out of SERPS too.

Well 30 years down the line, I’ve managed to be able to afford to buy a house and have been getting my finances in order. Whilst packing to move, I found some old paperwork regarding General Portfolio and the Variable Investment Programme.

Remembering that I’d paid a fair bit into this, I thought I’d contact them to see what happened to the money I’d paid in.

I do remember putting a temporary suspension on my payments as I’d just lost my job and had moved. However, in the meantime I got another job, moved again, and forgot about this investment programme.

General Portfolio changed hands a couple of times from Windsor Life to ReAssure, and it’s ReAssure who replied to my letter in their letter saying that they hold little information, advising the policy terminated prior to their acquisition and they can only assume that my policy has either lapsed, matured or been cashed in more than seven years ago.

It does seem like they’re trying to brush me off but would welcome any advice, which would be most appreciated. Thank you.


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