Getting a credit card for travelling


Hi there! Sorry for the somewhat long post.

I recently graduated from university and am looking to get a credit card for when I go travelling in three weeks. I applied for a Halifax Clarity Card online last night having heard good things, but was declined, probably because I have no income to declare. I then did a credit check with Experian, one of the agencies Halifax use, and was told I have a great credit score so that shouldn’t be the issue.

I then went in branch today, hoping by giving them the information about my recent graduation and my savings then they may be able to help me. However, on a second attempt I was once again declined, as even though they seemed like they wanted to give me a credit card I must have again failed the affordability checks. They said that if I had an account with them and they could access my savings then that may help, but as I’m going away in 3 weeks and their systems don’t update until the beginning of the month that wasn’t of much use to me.

Finally I decided to go to Lloyds, who I have always banked with, to see if they could give me a credit card, even if it’s not as good as the Clarity Card when abroad. What I was told in there was pretty different to what I’d been told in Halifax, though. There they said that being a graduate with no income I would fail the affordability checks regardless of my savings, but basically said that I should apply for the credit card and make up a salary to put in the income field. They assured me that it’s not fraud and that it wouldn’t be verified centrally. I was pretty surprised to hear this from the bank themselves but there you go!

Which leads me to my questions. Firstly, do you agree that fabricating an income for a credit card application is a good idea? And secondly, I’d really rather a Clarity Card than whatever Lloyds will offer me, so would reapplying for one with a figure to pass the affordability checks be out of the question after I’ve already had a failed application online last night and in store this morning?

Many thanks!


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