Getting money back from cancelled insurance


My daughter took out a car insurance policy with Nova on 1st June. She cancelled it on the same day as the sale of the car she was buying fell through but didn’t get confirmation in writing of it being cancelled until 4th June. They then said they’d be taking £60 for admin and £25-£30 for the day’s insurance. (Far too much which she’ll be disputing once she’s got her money back.)

They said she’d receive her money (£900+) back to her within 6-8 weeks, today is the 8th week and still no money. She rang them today and they said that it’s 8 whole weeks so it could be another week but to ring them Wednesday if she still hasn’t got it by then.

Is there anything else she could be doing? It’s a lot of money and a lot of time when all they need to do is transfer it back into her account, which they agreed would be the way they pay her rather than a cheque.



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