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I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue when using this website.

My insurance was due for renewal and my existing insurer wanted £440 for my car (fully comp, protected NCB, windscreen cover & legal cover), so I tried GoCompar, Confused, Quidco and I found a quote for £350 with all of the above, with Lloyds Bank.

I thought that was a good saving so clicked on the link and it gave me a phone number and it went through to the website and expecting it to transfer all of the details across to the Lloyds site, which it didn’t, so I had to enter everything again only to find that it would come up with a previous car that I had 6 years ago.

So I entered the details manually so that they were identical to the stuff that I’d entered into GoCompare, only to find that far from the £350 i was offered it went up to £376, so I called them and despite being on the phone for nigh on an hour debating this with the salesperson, there was no way the system would accept the quote offered by GoCompare.

Anyway as my time was limited and I didn’t have much time to do further searches and phone calls and not wanting to go with other providers who offered some lower prices, but with larger excesses and fees for alterations, I went with Lloyds, OK it’s a £64 saving, but it should have been nearer £90.

Anyone else experienced this sort of anomaly with comparison websites?

Are the insurers obliged to honour the quotes with the specifications entered by the purchaser?



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