Gold AMEX card for rewards (Impact credit rating?)


Hi All,

I’ve currently got a Natwest Clear Rate credit card which has low APR. My bank recently commented that it may be the wrong card for me as I pay off my card in full by direct debit (I got it initially to improve my credit rating).

I’ve been looking at the ‘The Preferred Rewards Gold Card’ that American Express offer, as I’m looking to book a group holiday and the rewards would be great (especially if I can get it before I book to gain the bonus points). I would like to also keep my natwest card for emergencies.

The Gold card would be purely for rewards and would be paid off in full every month. If I ever did need to go into a card it would be the natwest one.

Would this impact my credit rating? Me and the girlfriend have been saving for a house together and we’re hoping to get one this time next year (if all saving goes well!) so my credit rating is important at the moment. I’ve seen reports that because its a ‘charge card’ it won’t but I have seen conflicting views on this.

Can anyone help please?


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