Had a crash, can someone talk me through the proceedings?


I had a crash on a private lane, the other party drove too quickly round a blind bend and didn’t see me in time to be able to stop – I was doing about 20mph, she was definitely going a lot quicker! Bearing in mind it was a single track road. I brakes, small skid, had pretty much stopped when she hit me. Anyway, her speed meant that she hit the steering wheel, deployed her airbags and caved the front of her car in, and was unconscious for an amount of time and had to be taken to hospital. I on the other hand had pretty much stopped when she hit me and was completed uninjured, with the damage to my car being really very slight – my airbags didn’t deploy, no whiplash, nothing at all. Sadly there weren’t any witnesses but the same person has been regularly seen driving way too quickly along that bit of road.

I have just received a letter to claim "damages for negligence". Is this standard? I’ve never claimed on my insurance before. It further goes on to state that "on single lane track, oncoming third party approached, causing head on collision with our client’s already and established correctly proceeding vehicle" , and that I "failed to brake or steer or otherwise manage their vehicle so as to avoid the collision, failed to adequately control their vehicle and failed to adequately observe the presence of the claimant’s vehicle". What a load of absolute rubbish!

Is all of this standard and will my insurance fight my corner on this? I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing sadly however have already given a detailed statement along with photographs and diagrams showing the blind bend etc.

My insurance are closed today sadly so I can’t discuss this with them!


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