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Hi all,

I recently had a crash whilst delivering for a service called Amazon Flex. Now Amazon arrange a separate policy for this activity (hire or reward) which is designed to work on top of my personal insurance which is SD&P + Business.

Now in the event of the crash I had filled in the claim with Zurich since at that moment in time, I was effectively insured with Zurich rather than Hastings. Everything was good up until then.

Yesterday I get a call from Hastings since the 3rd party made a claim and its come up as I’m insured with Hastings (by default on the MID). I explained that I had other cover arranged for me while I deliver and that I had already notified Zurich. I also have all policy numbers and reference numbers so they could forward it on.

Today I get a lovely text from Hastings saying my policy has been cancelled because they do not allow use of a “dual policy” ie. being insured by two seperate insurers.

Now, I’m looking hard in the policy info to find anything about this but I cannot find anything regarding this.

Whats the deal here?


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