Halifax Clarity Card – Positive Balance?


We’re going on holiday in a few weeks and whenever I read about currency and foreign exchange the Halifax Clarity card seems to be highly recommended.

Having only recently become debt free (other than mortgage) after many years of credit card misuse, I’m cautiously thinking about applying for the clarity card due to its cost effectiveness, but don’t like the idea of running up another card debt.

I could repay the expenditure in full on my return from holiday, but I’d still feel like I’m breaking the promise I made myself to never have a credit card debt again.

So, my question is this – if, for example, I planned to spend 1000 on the card during my holiday, could I make a payment to my card of 1000 before I travel, so that I start with a positive balance and run it down to zero, rather than starting at zero, running it to minus 1000 and then paying it off?


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