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I travel 6 months out of the year and have been using the Halifax Clarity credit card for the best exchange rate (and to save me carrying cash) for the best part of 2 years.

However, I’m looking to move away from credit cards and so I’ve been looking for an alternative… Which is when I found Monzo.

I’m struggling to find an answer to my question about exchange rates though. While Monzo decares it’s exchange rates are;

We believe everyone should be able to use their debit cards to spend money abroad, without having to pay rip-off fees on each transaction.

So, we pass the Mastercard exchange rate directly to all customers, without any markups.You can see the current exchange rates on the Mastercard website:

Open Mastercard’s Currency Conversion Calculator

Choose the currency you want to convert to

Enter a ‘Transaction Amount’ (write ‘1’ if you just want to find out the rate)

Type ‘0.00%’ when you’re asked to enter the ‘Bank Fee’

And choose Great British Pound (GBP) as your ‘Card Currency’

Tap ‘Calculate’ to see the current exchange rate!

I can’t find anything about the Halifax Clarity exchange rate. Being a MasterCard is it the same as Monzo?

Monzo is now debit rather than credit so is it still Mastercard exchange rate based?



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