Halifax “Phantom Over Limit” Shenanigans


I thought it might be useful to share this incident with my Halifax Clarity card:

May 25th:
1. Make payment to Halifax card from Halifax bank account by faster payments.
2. Wait a couple of hours for payment to appear on available credit.
3. Make cash withdrawal that takes me close to (but still within) credit limit.

May 29th:
Receive SMS telling me I am over limit. Check account. It seems for some reason they have processed the withdrawal and added it to my cleared transactions prior to the payment. Problem sorts itself out by end of day with no action from me.

May 31st:
Make payment to ensure there is enough spare limit to cover interest.

Today – June 2nd – Statement day:
Check account. Shows me over limit again. Cannot see transactions because Halifax’s crappy system makes them invisible on statement day, but amount suggests that a £12 over limit fee has been added, and that is what’s taken it over limit again. Call Halifax and they confirm this.

They reversed the fee without argument, but what’s the betting that another one will be added next month, for the “over limit” today, caused by the over limit fee for the “over limit” (that wasn’t) on the 29th? I shall also be keeping a close eye on what gets reported to CRAs about this.

Lesson: If you’re running things close to the wire, watch the b*****ds like a hawk.


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