halifax stopped by credit while in USA


I have a Halifax Clarity card which I use overseas, as recommended by MSE. Just before our family holiday I checked the credit and there was plenty for our expenses while in USA. A week into the holiday I got a text message saying my credit limted was reduced to £500.I had already put about £350 on the card. Panic! In USA without a credit card and no explanation. I had always paid off this card each month IN FULL. The text said – for details call this UK number. Well it toook three transatlantic calls totalling 67 minutes to eventually get it sorted. Eventually my orginal credit limit was restored after much heartache and worry and valuable holiday time.
On our return to the UK I had no desire to tell the story to a call centre. There is no email address for Halifax. I put it in writing, twice, on their web site. They were automaticaly acknowledged with a promise to call me in 48 hours; I am still awaiting.
I wrote to the CEO of Lloyds Banking Group.

Their explantion is – at the ned of March I applied to increase my credit limit on a totally separate card to buy a used car for my son. The limit was increased immediateley over the phone. The transaction appeared on the April statement and was paid off IN FULL on 4 May. My credit with the Halifax was withdrawn three weeks after the other credit card was paid in full. The Halifax say that the information from their Credit Reference Agencies is 6 to 8 weeks behind real time. Really? In this day and age? Really? Do Halifax put their reputation in the hands of their sub-contrated credit agencies.

Just beware that it might happen to you


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