Has anyone had problems with FairFx $ card?


I’m just recently back from a trip to the USA, where I used my FairFx dollar card a couple of times. A couple of other times it wouldn’t work for me. Either it just sits there in the machine and does nothing, or you get a message that says something like “Please try another card”.

My partner is a US citizen and has stayed on there for a while and I’ve left the card with her. She has successfully used it at places such as U-Haul, Fred Meyer (a supermarket) and over the phone with her medication supplier (I know, America!!)

But it won’t work at Costco, or Safeway and a few other places. She has tried it in self-service terminals and also handed it over to checkout staff but it won’t work for them. I can log in online and verify that there’s still about $600 on the card.

I have called FairFx and they say they haven’t declined any transactions from the merchants I mentioned so that it must be “merchant error”. We have confirmed that the card itself isn’t physically damaged because she used it at Fred Meyers yesterday.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem, or if there’s any way around it? Or even if there’s any way of knowing where the card will work and where it won’t., other than trial and error?

It’s pretty frustrating. She can’t do ALL her shopping at Fred Meyers!


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