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Hi all,

I currently earn £27,000 a year and have a Reward Current account with Halifax with a planned overdraft of £1000. I have pretty much no credit history apart from my bank account and mobile phone bill. I still live woth parents. I recently did elegibility checker on credit cards and about 6 or 7 cards came up as pre approved.

I applied for capital one luma card and an aqua classic. I only want one card as its only to improve my credit score and will be paying in full each month.

After applying I recieved e-mails saying i’ve been accepted but before they can send me my card they need to verify my identity, asking for documents e.g passport and proof of address.

I’ve sent capital one the sufficient documents 4 days ago and I called them today, she said the application is in final stage and will find out within 7 days. I thought I had already been accepted, I signed credit agreement etc online.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance

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