Have you ever had an insurance policy declined etc?


Car insurance coming up for renewal and I’m wondering whether either of two episodes last year count for the question “Have you ever had an insurance policy declined, cancelled, voided or had special terms imposed?”

1) when I changed my car 12 months ago my existing insurer told me that they were unable to quote for the new vehicle (not sure why as there was nothing exotic about the bottom spec Citroen C5 I’d bought). They cancelled the policy and gave me a pro rata refund of premium. I asked them whether I needed to report this cancelation to future insurers and they told me I didn’t. However the reply here from dunstonh makes me think that that advice may have been incorrect, though I followed it last year by not declaring a cancelation when insuring elsewhere.

2) Applied for life insurance last year with LV=. After they’d taken up medical reports they wrote (a couple of days after I’d reinsured my car) saying: “We’ve considered all the information provided and don’t feel able to offer you the cover based on your circumstances. I’m sorry to say that your application has been declined. This is because of [medical reason, but not one requiring DVLA notification].” Am I correct in thinking that they were just declining to quote and I don’t need to declare this?


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