Heads up! Virgin has Prepaid Card


I have one of these myself and thought about getting one for my daughter. I’d told her that she could load it with a minimum £5 e-voucher.

So off I went to to my local high street store and asked to buy a Paypoint e-voucher for £5. The girl behind the counter fumbling with a contraption in a drawer and eventually she said “sorry, but it won’t accept £5, the minimum is £10”. So I bought a voucher for £10.

Strange, I thought Virgins T&C say that £5 is the minimum. So I sent an email copy of the voucher to Virgin. Some days later no reply so I phoned them and the guy at the other end said you have bought a Paypoint voucher and we don’t accept them.

Odd, so I logged onto my online account and clicked the radio button that said ‘Pay by Paypoint e-voucher’. Underneath you can enter the 16 digit pin. So I continued my telecon saying Virgin had misled me and I wanted to complain. I pointed out that that the word ‘Paypoint’ is a trade mark (of the PayPoint Network a subsidiary of PayPoint Plc).

So I asked why was the web page saying ‘Paypoint’ when it should say ‘360 money e-voucher’. He wasn’t having any of it. He insisted that paypoint was what these vouchers were called and none of his other customers were having this problem.

So I argued the toss. Virgins T&C para 1 says 360 money e-voucher when it should say 360money. The addition of the space made a big difference. Virgin are using somebody else’s trademark on their webpage.

So don’t get confused if you try to load up your prepaid card with an e-voucher. 360money is a service provided by PrePay Technology Ltd and not PayPoint Plc. Virgin charge a hefty usage fee of nearly 3% for people who are entirely cash based.


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