Health Insurance – your experience of pre-existing conditions


Hope someone can help!

I went to the GP in August last year with a few weird symptoms in my arm. It got a bit worse so I went to the GP again a few weeks later who referred me to Neurology but there was a 12 month waiting list. As such, no diagnosis was provided.

The symptoms went away a few months later and I’ve not thought about it since. I took out health insurance (moratorium underwriting) when someone in work talked about how it in November. Something to do with an Apple Watch but I’m not interested lol

The symptoms have been back over the last month so I thought I’d pay for a private consultation and when they asked me how I’d be paying I suddenly remembered I had health insurance!

Anyway, I called the insurers up but they won’t support me as based on me taking the policy out after the GP visits, it counts as a pre-existing condition.

Is this fair? I guess the timing is correct but I’m not a medical expert so I don’t know what condition it is I have that pre-exists the policy.

Just wanted a quick 2nd opinion as I don’t know anyone else with insurance. The guy in work has never claimed.



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