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Hello everyone, I’m Mark. I’ve been Lurking on here since June last year when I had my lightbulb moment and started to sort out debts from when I was 18 and stupid with payday loans, and the amount of information and tips I’ve had has been incredibly valuable – I just wish I had found this Forum sooner. I’ve got about 40% left of my debts to repay and it should all be cleared by Christmas time, So I thank EVERYONE for their contributions because it really has helped and allowed me to better my credit history and to get a credit card again albeit subprime aqua (which i’m carrying 600 balance on right now due to change in job but will be cleared at the end of May, It’s giving me a massive dose of the fear just seeing that figure on my statement!!!!!!)


I’ve been told with an eligibility checker that I qualify for Capital One’s range including their Classic Platinum? When I go onto C1’s website I cant seem to find anything in relation to a Classic Platinum, its just their BT card and Classic? So slightly concerned its legit or not.

I’m just looking to get another credit card, just to maximise my available credit incase an expensive day to the car garage comes up etc. I’ve heard that Cap One are pretty bad when deciding limits and usually go for 200. Is this the same as their Classic Platinum or are they generally more generous? I don’t want to apply for it to be given 200 as it’s just a hard search I could do without and 200 isn’t the greatest amount ever. Any experience or advice would be SUPER appreciated.

Thank you so much again guys

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