Help choosing the right card;


Hi, just after a bit of help, and possibly to start a bit of discussion as often when reading other people’s threads, I lean more from the stuff that is tangential to the question than I did from the actual “answer”.

So, I’m looking to apply for a CC.
Honestly, I don’t need one for spending as such – I’m perfectly able to manage my monthly spending, and nowadays I’m pretty good at budgeting…
(fist-bumps excel!)

I want the card in order to help rebuild my credit history, in prep for a planned house purchase in a few years from now – I got into a bit of hassle in 2012 when I was made redundant – it took a while but eventually cleared everything off, and haven’t had any credit, barring my sim-only mobile since – After a few years to let all that unpleasantness leave my history, now is the time to get to fixing it!

* Planning to use this card for my regular spends.
* Planning to clear in full each month, or maybe leave just a token balance (literally a handful of pounds) to roll over in order to show that the CC company is making money off me like a good little customer.
* Planning on keeping the card for about a year, 18 months, then to move to a better rate.

So therefore the interest rate is not quite as important to me as it might be for others – I’m more interested in ease of use;
* Choosing my billing date, and (for now)
* Being able to pay easily manually without a direct debit.

I’m purposefully avoiding setting up new DDs for now, as I want to take advantage of some switching offers before long.

So I guess I’m asking – of the more easily obtainable cards out there (considering I don’t have much history to go on), do any jump out at you that would meet that criteria?

I ask because some banks I’ve used in the past seemed to have really irritating online facilities – and it’s reasonable that the same applies to CCs.
My ISAs (with HL and Orbis) are both managed online, but one site is a joy to use; it’s clear what each action will result in & when you tell it to do something, you can see the result straight away, confirming that it’s all gone through.
The other site, well – it can be like pulling teeth…

The CC’s site doesn’t need to be super-simple-dumbed-down, just intutive, and clear – does that make sense?

Thanks all


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