Help!! False Witness? not at scene



So i recently got in a car accident. A car tried to cut 2 lanes in order to avoid traffic being caused by an over turned vehicle ahead of him.
based of my damages and report i was not found at fault/ my insurance was not accepting Liability.

I called his insurance today and i find out, that now there is a random witness(tow truck driver).who puts me at fault

at the time of the accident on the freeway i originally got of looked around and made sure no one else had hit our cars.. AKA scoped the scene don’t think i saw any tow trucks.

After this we pulled of to the nearest exit to a small pizza hut parking lot…

we exchanged information and waited for one of his friends to come for about 40 minutes… again no witnesses showed up/ tow trucks where at the scene..

and we left on our ways.

now… how do i prove there was no witnesses or what is my insurance going to do about this now?
i never saw this “witness” for the 40 minutes we where there?

other than his riend who showed up towards the end?

what do i do?

i have liability only.



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