Help! Forgot I needed a credit card.. travel money?


Hi you helpful lot,

Well, nearly 18 months ago I cancelled my 123 credit card as a change in circumstances meant I never used it, and wasn’t justifying the monthly cost. Nor did I particularly like paying things off the next month.


I totally forgot I’m going on holiday at the end of this month (June) :O and it’s probably a good idea that I sorted myself out with one again.

I don’t go away too often but it would be really nice to know I’ve got a future proof card that offers some kind of good deal.

E.g. travel money, some sort of % back on normal spending. Does such a thing exist?

Also, roughly how long does it take to get set up with one – I’m conscious I only have a few weeks really.

I did look on the websites comparing them and I’m not going to lie, found it slightly confusing / time consuming haha.

Is there such a card that offers what I’m after – any recommendations?

I’m going to the baleriac islands so nowhere too remote.

What’s the standard practice if I say needed to use an ATM for cash,

Or failing that, actually used my CC to pay for things – e.g. hotel deposit / hire car / supermarkets? Does it pay using Euro’s and then Convert it and I get charged whatever the rate is?

Appreciate any advice.. sorry, bit of a n00b on this subject.



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