Help me add up what Barclaycard owe me please.



I’m going to Ombudsman about Barclaycard’s maths. But, hey, I could be wrong, please can you calculate what they owe me?

I had fraud on my account for 6 months. During this time I was charged interest and I made monthly d/d payments.

I think they have refunded the fraud amounts (and got that wrong, overpaying me slightly), plus the interest; I think they still owe me a refund on the monthly direct debits I made to them. They disagree. They refuse to accept that my monthly d/d payments should be included.

I am dealing with a supervisor in the fraud team, I’ve spent 2 hours 40 mins with him last week and another 1 hour 30 yesterday and he insists he’s right. He is literally a guy in India with a calculator, I don’t even have a print out of their calculations. It’s unreal.

So please can you do the math and let me know if I need to pursue this further or if I’m in the wrong and need to go quietly.

My opening balance, owed to Barclaycard £2263.69 . (on 0%)

November 17

Purchase (by me) £168




Interest: 18.40

Payment D/D: £50.93

Closing balance Nov 2632.54

December 2017 Opening balance 2632.54

Fraud 1800

Fraud 236.90

Fraud 241.22

Fraud 883.70

Fraud 857.45

Charges 12

Interest 28.66

D/D Payment 59.23

Dec Closing balance 6633.24

January 2018 Opening balance 6633.24

Interest 216.33

D/D Payment 149.24

Closing balance January 6700.33

February 2018 Opening Balance 6700.33

Interest 144.53

D/D Payment 281.17

Closing balance Feb 6563.69

March 2018 Opening Balance March 6563.69

Interest 130.74

D/D Payment 208.72

Addiitonal D/D Payment 600

Closing balance March 5885.71

April 2018 Opening Balance April 5885.71

Interest 138.44

D/D Payment 190

Closing balance April 5834.15

May 2018 Opening Balance May 5834.15

Interest 79.77

Payment (balance trans) 3800

Closing balance May 2113.92

Payment (balance trans) 2113.92

Closing balance May 0

July 2018 Refunds




Subtotal, £2786.10

2786.10 withdrawn to my current ac.

August 2018 Refunds

479.23 (interest)


Subtotal 2279.23

(£2279.23 is the current positive balance on the card, waiting to move into my current ac.)

Barclaycard say I don’t understand maths and we are now even and they don’t owe anything. I say, they owe me for all the D/D payments I made during the life of the fraud/debt, which went into Barclaycard from my currrent account.

Answers please?

Thank you in advance for anyone bothering to do this



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