help me! capital one fraud


i applied for a capital one card on 10th june. i was approved and everything was ok. my card was sent out and started using it no problem.

i received a call from someone at capital one who said my account was being reviewed again for potential application fraud. i denied any such knowledge and said i’d get a call back tomorrow.

got a call 3 days later to question me about my employment status. i gave them information about where i worked and how much i earned. they said the info i put on the application (my work and yearly income) “doesn’t match the data held by the credit bureaus”.

i offered to send them my payslips and a stamped letter. they said no and that my account would be closed in 30 days. i had that time to clear my balance. they said i didn’t qualify for 56 days interest-free so instantly charged me the interest up-to the day and 28 days ahead. they said no more interest will be charged because the balance has to be gone by 30 days or they would refer me to a collections agency.

i’ve now cleared the balance and the lady said to keep it dormant until it closes automatically. is there anything i can do in this situation? can i appeal their decision or report it to the financial ombudsman? i spoke to someone at callcredit who said they don’t even store info about people’s employment. and i didn’t get a chance to prove my income.

any advice would be much appreciated


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