Help M&S Home Emergency Cover issues left with no hot water


As a single parent i stupidly thought it a good idea to purchase home emergency cover along with my home insurance cover in case of a leak etc .

After not using it for the last 3 years , i came home to leak and called them up . they sent out a plumber who came out around 10pm who turned off the water and said they would send a heating engineer the next day.

As the water was turned off i should have been offered over night accommodation as i didn’t have any facilities ie couldn’t use the loo etc but wasn’t , it was late but i just went to bed. The next day the heating engineer came out and stopped the leak , in order to stop the leak they had to drain my boiler down. As soon as they refilled the boiler there was a grinding sound and flashing lights , the engineer fiddled around with it and it was working when he left. Fast forward a week and i woke up to no hot water , called them back out and they advised that due to the boilier being refilled it’s kicked up gunk in the radiators and they reckon that the heater exchanger is blocked up as it’s heating up and quickly cutting out.

M&S are point blank refusing to rectify the situation saying they don’t cover power flushes despite the fact it was their actions that caused the situation ( it was working fine before ) , and the plumbing company is quoting £700 to do a power flush and replace the heat exchange plate. I do have boiler cover with alpha but i’m betting they wont sort it if i mentioned how it came about as its m&s who have caused it .

Have made an official complaint to the Ceo’s office but so far they have been “investigating” for two weeks and we have had no hot water. HELP ….


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