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I have spent 3 hours trying to post this so I really hope someone can help.

Long story short, over the last 6 months my credit limit has gone from opening limit of £150 then it was reduced to zero for 3 months then £150 reinstated, month later increased to £3750, I phoned to reduce it to £2000 with no problems. Spent £1000 over a few months making regular payments over my minimum amount due

Logged in today to see my new limit is now £300 which makes no sense at all. All they say is they have live feeds from experian and was because of information on my file – which is rubbish as it is very good with no other credit spending.

This has really narked me as to go from £150 to £3750 is crazy but then to reduce it reduce it from £2000 to £300 is crazy.

I have decided as a result of all this nonsense I requested to reduce my limit down to zero leaving my account pen but they said they cannot do this.

I’d like to know from you lovely lot if this is the case, can they make me keep a £300 limit I don’t want? I understand I have a balance but I am not asking for the account to be closed just the limit reduced to zero as I dont want it, once the balance is paid off in 3 months it will be closed, I dont want them to increase it again next month for it to be reduced again!!


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